AIRBORNE Vipers Bugloss Honey

AIRBORNE Vipers Bugloss Honey
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Our 100% natural honey selection is imported directly from the world-class apiaries of New Zealand. By varying the type of pollen that can be harvested from the distinctive flora of New Zealand, we are able to provide you with spectacular honey, each with its own unique color, flavor, and aroma. Also commonly known as "Borage", this wild flower covers the hills of the Central South Island in a sea of brilliant blue color during summer months. The seed, resembling a Viper's head, was once mistakenly used as a treatment for snakebite giving the plant its unusual name.

Vipers Bugloss honey has a delicate flavor with a "chewy" texture. Hint: keep this in the refrigerator and you have a natural chewy snack for kids of all ages. Our jars are clear and honestly display our honey; DO NOT be fooled by honey that does not display or test their pollen count, or what has been dubbed "pollen-less goo" by the media! All New Zealand honey has been lab-tested and scientifically analyzed to bring you the best, most healthy honey in the world.

Size: 500g (17.85oz)