Organic Rosehip

Organic Rosehip
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Protect your vitality ad enjoy the sour and fruity taste of Organic Rosehip tea!

Part of Koro's Organic Wild Collection of teas.

The story for KORO Premium organic teas begins high in the mountains, deep in the forests, and the colorful meadows of a beautiful countryside, where a real treasure of herbs with remarkable flavors, scents and colors grows in abundance.

Inspired by nature, KORO has been committed to provide premium quality teas, produced with 100% natural ingredients since 1992.

With a desire to deliver a piece of healthful nature in your everyday tea cup, we have selected the cleanest and finest leaves, fruits and flowers.

Devoted to continuously delivering Premium quality medicinal and aromatic plants in a sustainable way, we have established an Organic farming co-operative and an organization of educated people for collection of wild growing herbs, according to the highest Organic standards.

The Premium Organic tea collection made by Koro consists of popular teas herbs, which are carefully processed and packaged to protect the natural color and flavor. Each cup of our tea always delivers the same quality and unique natural taste sensations.

We invite you to join us in a flavorful tea drinking experience.

Size: 1 Case (12 Boxes per Case, 20 tea bags per box)