Happy Honey - Honey & Apricot 250g (8 oz)

Happy Honey - Honey & Apricot 250g (8 oz)
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NEW!!! Happy Honey - Honey & Apricot

Happy Honey, The popular, Award Winning, guilt-free honey spreads have finally arrived in the United States!

Bees and nature have given Happy Honey the perfect recipe for Cold-Pressed Raw honey blended with:

- Raspberry

- Apricot

- Plum

- Organic Cocoa

- Organic Ginger

Let your worry and guilt be gone! Your sweet pleasures are All Natural and filled with Pure Happiness! - NO Added Sugars - Only RAW, unheated honey - More natural enzymes and amino acids - Original taste and texture - HAPPINESS!!!

Size: 250g (8 oz)