NEW!!! GURMANO Yellow Peppers with Cheese 290g (10.2oz)

<font color=red><b>NEW!!!</font></b> GURMANO Yellow Peppers with Cheese 290g (10.2oz)
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NEW!!! Gurmano Yellow Peppers with Cheese

Around the world the name Gurmano means High Quality, Delicacies and Gourmet. Innovation in the tradition of homemade recipes, and combinations that fulfill the table with unsurpassed colors and tastes. Yellow Peppers with Cheese can be eaten right out of the jar, served as an appetizer, added to a salad, or anything else you can imagine!

- Low Carbs

- Low Fat

- No Glutens

- Non-Gmo

Ingredients: yellow peppers 38%, cold pressed turnip oil, cheese 28%, salt.

Size: 290g (10.2 oz)