AIRBORNE Clover Creamed Honey

AIRBORNE Clover Creamed Honey
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Our 100% natural honey selection is imported directly from the world-class apiaries of New Zealand. By varying the type of pollen that can be harvested from the distinctive flora of New Zealand, we are able to provide you with spectacular honey, each with its own unique color, flavor, and aroma. Creamed honey is 100% pure honey - there is nothing extra added. The "creaming" process relies on, and enhances, honey's natural tendency to crystallize. The interlocking nature of these crystals gives the product its smooth, thick, spreadable texture. Also called whipped, spun, churned, candied or fondont honey. Clover honey (a rare honey flavor, due to the difficulty in keeping the honeybees monofloral) is light in color with a smooth, creamy texture and delicate flavor that is typical of the premium honey produced in New Zealand's South Island. Our jars are clear and honestly display our honey; DO NOT be fooled by honey that does not display or test their pollen count, or what has been dubbed "pollenless goo" by the media! All New Zealand honey has been lab-tested and scientifically analyzed to bring you the best, most healthy honey in the world.

Clover honey is light in color with a delicate floral bouquet and flavor. It is offered in both creamed and liquid forms providing both the ease of use for sweetening drinks, baking, or for use as a spread.

Size: 500g (17.85oz)

HONEST: details on each jar include pollen count, batch numbers, and active ingredients (lab tested)

UNDAMAGED: most pure, natural, and raw honey; very minimal heat damage maintains honey's unique properties

TRACEABLE: can trace your honey down to the specific area, to the specific apiary, that created your honey

Spreadable; has a warm, buttery texture and delicate, floral taste

Packed in PET 100% recyclable, 100% non-toxic, plastic jars add cost and do not protect against heat damage